Bark Busters Client Reviews


Jo was amazing - friendly, funny, loving and able to answer every single question we had. We have never owned a dog before, and it's very important to us that Bernard (our Jack Russell) is a proper "Dog" and not a baby or pet. Jo helped us out immensely and seemed to generally like us and Bernard. She didn't rush us or give the impression of wanting to get away after her time with us had finished. Bernard has recently been with my niece - a dog minder - for a week, and she has told me that Bernard is a mini celebrity round her way with his lovely nature and manners - I thank Jo for giving him and us the basics in how to bring up a loving, happy puppy - thanks Jo xxx

M.W., Bexleyheath, Kent 13th March 2017

"The session was quite intensive and fairly stressful because of the continuing barking by Robbie. But the comfort shirt helped him and he did relax. Two training methods suggested by Jo have become very useful and Robbie is now more focused on me. We have a long way to go and Jo did warn there would be some bad days amongst the good (and she is right!), but we have progressed and are looking forward to seeing Jo soon and hopefully impressing her with our training."
B.W., Chislehurst, Kent 10th March 2017

"The first time Bailey and I saw Graham, 3 weeks ago, both of us were a little stressed out. Bailey is quite reactive and will bark at everything, his reflection, the TV, sound, he had also started going for some dogs while we were out on walks. During our first session Graham sat and talked to me, answering all my questions, before showing me some basic training and commands. He explained why Bailey behaves like he does - he is scared and because he senses stress in me he believes I am scared too and he needs to protect me and himself. Bailey and I have worked on the stuff Graham showed us - Bailey absolutely loves it, his tail wags like mad while we're going through it. We have just had our second session with Graham and Bailey is a different dog, chilled out and calm. Graham brought his dog Flora with him so he could expose Bailey to another dog and while he didn't play with her - he isn't that type of dog. He prefers his own or human company to that of other dogs - he was quite happy to share the park with her and even allowed her and some other dogs into his space without incident. Since meeting Graham, both Bailey and I are happier. Bailey realises now that I am able to look after us both and he just has to worry about being his lovable self and I have learned to be calmer and if he does get a bit niggly Graham has shown me how to calm him down, and then the moment is over and we continue on our way. Graham has such a calm way about him. He is softly spoken and unflappable and he gives you confidence and keeps you calm too. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you so much Graham."
L.B., Bromley, Kent 26th February 2017

"Jo is fantastic! She is so bubbly and we get on so well with her as a family. Bernie has improved over the 3 sessions we have had with Jo. He was a very scared dog, didn't want to be touched and toilet training was tricky and Jo has helped us to develop him into a loving, sensitive, gorgeous dog who rarely has 'accidents' indoors. He senses when someone in his pack is feeling unwell, upset or just needs a hug and will always come to you and lick you gently in these moments. We have also learnt tricks with training and helping him to develop into a well trained dog. He needs a little work when it comes to picking up the post though!! I would not have overcome my slight nervousness of Bernie when we first had him if Jo had not been there to help me. I have health issues and Jo has always taken them into consideration when teaching us techniques with Bernie. I think Jo is a fabulous trainer and I would recommend her to anyone. She is very patient, kind to us and to Bernie and our life has definitely been made better with her help. I cannot recommend her enough."
R.M., Tooting, London 20th February 2017

"Graham is simply incredible when it comes to dog training. We had been struggling immensely to control our three dogs Frodo a 5 year old cocker spaniel, Minnie a 4 year old cocker poo and Wilbur a one year old pug. Their barking was out of control before Graham visited us, we had constant complaints from various neighbours resulting in a visit from the local council. We were so miserable and didn't know what to do, it was so upsetting as the dogs were very obviously very unhappy and we did not know how to fix it, we have no authority over them what so ever. The second Graham walked into our home he instantly was able to cease the barking and put them all at ease in no time and was able to give us the tools and confidence to deal with it ourselves. He swiftly showed us how to regain control of our lives and actually assert some authority rather than letting then walk all over us. He also gave us very good tips on their diet and now they are so much happier on their new food and are so much calmer. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Graham and he was very happy to recommend all kinds of different tips and things to buy that actually work! He was so lovely and kind and did not once make us feel guilty or like bad dog owners. Graham has the most calm and pleasant nature and you can tell he absolutely adores his job and simply does it because he loves dogs and wants to help people enjoy being dog owners. It has been about a month since Graham's last visit and the change has just been incredible. We now have three very happy, much calmer dogs who now bark nowhere near as much as they used to, which in turn has made us so much more relaxed and confident and we can now once again enjoy being with them. On our second visit Graham was amazing and was able to give us yet more tips on just making life even easier with them, this time focusing more on walking, within 30 seconds Frodo was walking calmly and quietly without ripping your arm out of the socket. It was unbelievable! We would recommend bark busters to anyone, everybody we have spoken to has been kind and friendly. Thank you so much Graham we are so grateful and very impressed by just how easy you made everything! we look forward to seeing you again very soon!!!"
E.R., Brentwood, Essex 16th February 2017

"Graham has been brilliant over the last year helping with training my puppy Pawson. Having not had a dog before I was unsure about where and when to start but was adamant about having a well trained puppy. Graham's reassurance that I was doing things right and I just needed to be patient and wait for things to click for Pawson was perfect. He guided me through all the stages and visited us about 5 times over the year, I now have a well behaved dog who will always be a work in progress as we both train each other further learning new things."
E.P., London 16th February 2017

"Graham is a excellent trainer,he is so calm his calm energy is transferred to the dog. Graham came to see us as we had recently adopted a 10 month old Bullmastiff crossbred and needed some help with obedience training and his hyperactivity. By the time Graham left we had the tools to start work on his basic training. Graham also made an extra visit today for a short while to help us address a recent issue. I'm so glad we decided to contact Bark busters & I would definitely recommend Graham."
S.J., Croydon, Surrey 6th February 2017

"Graham was patient and very helpful and took time to explain things to use. It was a very enlightening session."
S.O., ROMFORD, London 30th January 2017

"Jo's visit when our puppy had been with us for just one week was invaluable. It not only gave us confidence but also as first time puppy owners Jo gave us a comprehensive overall understanding of how to take care of, and train Nala. Jo was unhurried and took the time to understand our family and how we can integrate our puppy into our lifestyle as well as our home. We enjoyed taking Nala on a doggie walk at Peckham Rye which Jo invited us to. It was comforting to know that we had expert advice on hand while introducing Nala to so many other dogs. She loved it!"
S.G., London 18th January 2017


The training has been phenomenal. We were really struggling with our four dogs but in particular the two youngest, Dobby and Winifred. Jo arrived to chaos, the dogs constantly rubbed each other up the wrong way, walking was simply embarrassing and we needed some serious help. Jo didn't at any point make up feel judged. She gave us really good advice and techniques for managing the pack. Dobby now goes out for walks and dare I say it is actually an enjoyable experience. A simple addition of a tee-shirt to bring a sense of security has worked wonders A simple addition of a tee-shirt to bring a sense of security has worked wonders. It has helped Dobby be much less jumpy and reactive to people and dogs. The main changes have come from changing both dogs' diet. Dobby has raw food and Winnie has a good quality hypoallergenic, grain free dry food. I thoroughly recommend this as a standard change to make. We are now beginning to enjoy our dogs.

R.T., Chelmsford, Essex 15th January 2017

"Jo came today to help with our new puppy. She was very helpful and knowledgeable on all my questions on jumping up, puppy biting, fear of walking and car travelling and a lot more. We now feel a lot more confident in training our puppy and feel reassured that we are doing the right things. Jo was in no rush and we felt like we had made a friend. The whole time was friendly fun chatting on learning about dogs behaviours and why dog behave in certain ways. Great help on when my grandchildren come to stay and how to train our pup to stop jumping and puppy biting. Also Jo supervised my puppy interaction with two other dogs which went really well because of her knowledge on reading the dogs behaviour in being playful or fearful etc. Jo is fantastic in making sure you understand what to do to train your puppy in the right way. Come round anytime your are passing for a coffee you are always welcome. x Jo actually showed us the training we needed to do with our pup and she got results. Well impressed!!!"
F.B., Swanley, Kent 16th December 2016

"Jo was excellent,she explained everything clearly and in a easy to understand way. She was happy to go over things again when asked and because of this the training method did not seem difficult."
P.K., Erith, Kent 14th December 2016

"At first I was dubious about spending so much money on dog training but as my dog, when fully grown, will be extremely big and strong I decided that proper training would be advisable. Graham is an excellent trainer not only of my dog but also me. I needed to be taught how to interact with my dog so that she would accept my commands. Graham showed me how to do this and I am amazed at how quickly she responded. I can honestly say that the whole experience has been a success and I now have an obedient dog inside the house and out. I would wholeheartedly recommend Barkbusters and especially Graham to any dog owner."
V.N., Ilford, Essex 24th November 2016

"Jo was very friendly and patient with both me and Poppy she listened to all my concerns and implemented some very good techniques that are making our little dog a happier one and she has helped all the family understand how poppy is feeling and that she can not help feeling this way. We still have quite a bit of work to do in the future but with the main problem we have started to make some progress"
J.M., Battlesbridge, Essex 21st November 2016

"Very good and controlled training. Calm, and understanding of dogs."
A.T., sidcup, Kent 15th November 2016

"Graham was so helpful with the training of Sam. Everything was explained and we started straight away. Graham suggested I changed Sams diet and from day 1 things only got better. We still have the odd day when Sam wants to do his own thing but now I know how to check this. I now have a very happy dog on his walks and a happy owner thanks to Graham."
M.M., Southend, Essex 8th November 2016

"Really happy with Jo's help and advice on managing Indie who suffers from nervous aggression. Her advice and training tips have been invaluable and Indie is now like a different dog. We are so much more relaxed when Indie is around other people and now look forward to being able to walk Indie with the buggy - something we never thought would be possible! It has been wonderful working with Jo. Thank you for all your help!"
S.J., Romford, Essex 8th November 2016


I was at my wits end with the constant jumping & barking,& was totally ignored by lily when trying to get & keep her attention. At the age of 14months I thought I'd left things too late. How wrong could I have been! Within 5 minutes of Graham's arrival, lily seemed calmer. She learned & performed 'tricks' with ease, she was a changed pup! With Graham's clear instructions, I have kept up with the training & visitors have commented on her changed temperament. At one point I even joked that maybe graham had swapped lily for a different dog! Thank you for all your help graham. I am looking forward to your next visit to show off her progress & learn even more tips.

J.L., Ilford, Essex 6th October 2016

"I found Jo to be very experienced and she gave us some good advice and showed us methods that really made sense. I did however find it very expensive especially as we probably do not need to see Jo again as our dogs issues are not that extreme. It would have been better for us to pay for a one off visit as this was all we needed."
C.C., Chiswick, London 17th September 2016
Trainer's Comments:
We offer a package where people pay for the first visit and follow ups are free of charge together with phone and email support. It is the owners' choice if they need this ongoing support. We are always very happy if an owner gets the results they want from the first visit. In this instance the dog was fearful of people, constantly barked at visitors and would not allow anyone other than the owners to touch it.

"Both Jo and Graham have been super friendly, informative and supportive. I feel that my dog has been making good progress. Thank you!"
F.N., London, Flintshire 15th September 2016

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